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About Us

Zammilooni Abaya – Modern Trendy Classy abayas with Modesty.

About us:

Zammilooni Abaya is based in UAE set its ground in 2018 with the Vision of being the leading provider of Abayas and Accessories throughout the world.  The company works hard to earn customers trust through continuous improvement and to provide the best quality product in affordable prices.


Hailing from successful family, is not the only reason for joining the business venture but my name which was influenced by Khadija bint Khuwaylid (RA) who was the most influencial and successful women in Islamic History. The adoption in name by my parents always kept my perspective in track.

Zammilooni aims to achieve, a platform for those women who embrace a modest dressing style, It adds oomph to those who are achievers in all aspects of lives. Zammilooni is a “one stop” with multiple options for Latest Fashion Trends/Styles.

Wide range of variety will help to dress in Stylish, Elegant and classic manner keeping the motto/fundamental “Cover Me up”.

Point Of difference:

In an online website it is sometimes hard to get what you see on the site but in Zammilooni our motto

“what you see is what you get” means we work hard to deliver the product what you have selected on the site in hand with value for money.


“Zammilooni! Zammilooni!”   ( meaning “Cover Me Up” ) was what our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said to his beloved wife Khadija R.A. when he received divine revelation for the very first time.

Thank You

Khadija F. Ajmal