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Design Process

Design Process is a process in which different stages of product development is involved. So this blog is about design process and how important it is for a designer to create a collection.

Collections are usually constructed from a combination of silhouette, colors and fabric, with the emphasis varying depending on the designer’s particular aesthetic.

Abaya For Different Figures

As being a hijabi, dressing up can be hard. The key requirement in standing put is learning and understanding ones body. This helps one to know which trends can accentuate the body, thereby creating a unique personal style. Of course as a hijabi, there are some styles to avoid in order to maintain modesty. To know what works and what doesn’t, you must first know your body and how to dress it.

The Designer’s Journey Into The Abaya World

23rd November 2017 is the day I was offered this job by a distant relative of mine. She suggested me to Khadija Ajmal (director of Zammilooni) and I was contacted by her. After a brief Skype call, we agreed on three designs which became the deciding factor for her. Once I showcased few of my designs. I was then introduced as a designer to the world of Abayas.