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Design Process

Design Process is a process in which different stages of product development is involved. So this blog is about design process and how important it is for a designer to create a collection.

Collections are usually constructed from a combination of silhouette, colors and fabric, with the emphasis varying depending on the designer’s particular aesthetic.

The range of products may be inspired by a trend, theme, or design direction reflecting cultural and social influences, and it is usually designed for a season or  particular occasion .

Coming to our design process, we decided to share the details of our SPRING Summer Collection 2018.

Steps which we need to follow in design process are:

  • Research– Mainly market research,history,trends,fashion forecasting.
  • Design– The Designer attempted to develop unique designs by following few stages which are necessary .
  • Development of mood board-
    A mood board is a type of college consisting of images, text, samples of objects in a composition.
  • Client Profile:
    The designs were designed mainly targeting the local Arab society and the ABAYA lovers.
  • Fabric Board:
    The fabric used for our abaya`s are:
  • Nida
  • Linen
  • Pure georgette
  • Pine
  • Raw silk
  • Color Board:
    The colors used in our abaya are:
  • Purple
  • Dark blue
  • GREY
  • Development– The designs taking 3d form from 2d. Production of designs.
  • Quality check – This step is must and we ensure that all our products have undergone it.
  • Presentation and Launch.

I hope this helps you and the newbies in creating a collection. It was definitely useful for us and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves?


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