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The Designer’s Journey Into The Abaya World

23rd November 2017 is the day I was offered this job by a distant relative of mine. She suggested me to Khadija Ajmal (director of Zammilooni) and I was contacted by her. After a brief Skype call, we agreed on three designs which became the deciding factor for her. Once I showcased few of my designs. I was then introduced as a designer to the world of Abayas.

My love for abayas was from the very beginning because I was born in UAE and half raised there. So when we shifted to India, I kind of missed that vibes of living in gulf country. So one day I decided that I would start wearing abayas. I was in 7thstd and back then in India it was kind of early (I guess) for a girl to wear it. Yet I chose to wear it. Since then I have loved abayas even more. And since I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I would always wear a customized abaya.

Joining a fashion college wasn’t easy. It was a rough path. But I stuck to my decision. And finally, I joined a fashion college. When I did, I wished that one day I would design abayas. Trust me, I prayed for it. But the fashion world was very different from abaya world. So somewhere I kind of got carried away into the world of fashion because it was fascinating.

And then I graduated. I continued with the couture fashion. but then when I started losing my focus, God showed me the path I always dreamt of taking. My path to Zammilooni’s abaya house.


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