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Wednesday, October 03, 2018 khadija Ajmal Fashion Style No comments
Design Process is a process in which different stages of product development is involved. So this blog is about design process and how important it is for a designer to create a collection. Collections are usually constructed from a combination of silhouette, colors and fabric, with the emphasis varying depending on the designer’s particular aesthetic. The range of products may be inspired by a trend, theme, or design direction reflecting cultural and social influences, and it is usually designed for a season or  particular occasion . Coming to our design process, we decided to share the details of our SPRING Summer Collection 2018. Steps which we need to follow in design process are: Research– Mainly market research,history,trends,fashion forecasting. Design– The Designer attempted to develop unique designs by following few stages which are necessary . Development of mood board- A mood board is a type of college consisting of images, text, samples of objects in a composition. Client Profile: The designs were designed mainly targeting the local Arab society and the ABAYA lovers. Fabric Board: The fabric used for our abaya`s are: Nida Linen Pure georgette Pine Raw silk Color Board: The colors used in our abaya are: BLACK Purple Dark blue GREY Development– The designs taking 3d form from 2d. Production of designs. Quality check – This step is must and we ensure that all our products have undergone it. Presentation and Launch. I hope this helps you and the newbies in creating a collection. It was definitely useful for us and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves?
Monday, September 17, 2018 khadija Ajmal Fashion Style No comments
As being a hijabi, dressing up can be hard. The key requirement in standing put is learning and understanding ones body. This helps one to know which trends can accentuate the body, thereby creating a unique personal style. Of course as a hijabi, there are some styles to avoid in order to maintain modesty. To know what works and what doesn’t, you must first know your body and how to dress it. Whether you are buying online or from a store. To get a customized/ready abaya for your body type. There are few tips you will need to consider: • Pear Shaped – If you are pear shaped, pick up an Abaya or Jilbab with fitted sleeves that flares out at the bottom from the waist. • Apple shaped – A loose fitting Abaya is perfect for casual day times and a streamlined simple dress is best for evenings with this body shape. • Hourglass – A nipped in waist is perfect for an hourglass, but maintaining a bit more modesty will involve a looser fit at the top and a wider bottom. • Rectangle shaped – The rectangle shape can wear pretty much any shape, but maybe stay away from a flared bottom and use a more streamlined look.
Sunday, March 25, 2018 khadija Ajmal Fashion Style No comments
23rd November 2017 is the day I was offered this job by a distant relative of mine. She suggested me to Khadija Ajmal (director of Zammilooni) and I was contacted by her. After a brief Skype call, we agreed on three designs which became the deciding factor for her. Once I showcased few of my designs. I was then introduced as a designer to the world of Abayas. My love for abayas was from the very beginning because I was born in UAE and half raised there. So when we shifted to India, I kind of missed that vibes of living in gulf country. So one day I decided that I would start wearing abayas. I was in 7thstd and back then in India it was kind of early (I guess) for a girl to wear it. Yet I chose to wear it. Since then I have loved abayas even more. And since I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I would always wear a customized abaya. Joining a fashion college wasn’t easy. It was a rough path. But I stuck to my decision. And finally, I joined a fashion college. When I did, I wished that one day I would design abayas. Trust me, I prayed for it. But the fashion world was very different from abaya world. So somewhere I kind of got carried away into the world of fashion because it was fascinating. And then I graduated. I continued with the couture fashion. but then when I started losing my focus, God showed me the path I always dreamt of taking. My path to Zammilooni’s abaya house.

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Zammilooni Abaya is based in UAE set its ground in 2018 with the Vision of being the leading provider of Abayas and Accessories throughout the world. The company works hard to earn customers trust through continuous improvement and to provide the best quality product in affordable prices.